Lexus Repair in Milwaukee, WI

Modern Lexus Repair Procedures

As Toyota’s luxury brand, Lexus has earned its place among premium carmakers with a full line of elegant and technologically advanced vehicles. While each model offers unique features, one fact holds true for all of them— every Lexus will require regular service, maintenance and repairs as time goes by, no matter how well treated and safely driven it might be. That said, you’ll want to know ahead of time where to turn. If you’re in the Milwaukee area with a GS 450, RX 350 or LS 460 in need of professional attention, Greitens Auto Service is your one-stop Lexus repair solution.

Well experienced with the most modern Lexus repair procedures, we’ll take complete care of your Lexus, demonstrating our abilities as your reliable and trusted team for any Lexus repairs you’ll ever need. It’s our mission to work efficiently, with our personal touch, to get you back on the road in good time.

Classic Lexus Repair Service

Greitens Auto Service has been serving drivers throughout Milwaukee since 1973. Kevin Burke started working at Greitens Auto Service in 1976, and in 2007 he and his wife Terri purchased the business. Ever since the Lexus name began, the entire team has worked hard to uphold the shop’s longstanding reputation for classic Lexus repair service. We’re proud to handle the entire Lexus model line. From the brakes on an older SC 300 to a typical oil change on a newer LX 470, our ASE-Certified technicians utilize state-of-the-art equipment in all of our Lexus repair jobs.

All of us at Greitens Auto Service are dedicated to your complete satisfaction, mindful of the fact that Lexus repairs might not be a pleasant task for you. Considering our in-house and nationwide warranty protection, along with our reasonable rates, we hope you’ll find us to be your affordable alternative to any dealership.

Modern Repairs, Classic Service: Visit Greitens Auto Service in Milwaukee, WI for the best in Lexus repair.

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