Brake Repair in Milwaukee, WI

Modern Brake Repair Procedures

Properly functioning brakes are crucial to the safety of you and your passengers. You should never wonder if you can safely bring your vehicle to a stop. At the first sign of any brake problems— squealing, grinding or taking longer than usual to slow down— It’s important to seek brake repairs right away. That said, you’ll want to know ahead of time where to turn. If you’re in the Milwaukee area with a car or truck in need of brake repair, Greitens Auto Service is your one-stop solution.

Skilled in the most modern brake repair procedures, we’ll take complete care of your vehicle, demonstrating our abilities as your reliable and trusted team for any type of brake repairs you’ll ever need. Together we’ll work efficiently, with our personal touch, putting you back behind the wheel in good time.

Classic Brake Repair Service

Greitens Auto Service has been serving drivers throughout Milwaukee since 1973. Kevin Burke started working at Greitens in 1976, and in 2007 he and his wife Terri purchased the business. All along, the entire team has worked hard to uphold the shop’s longstanding and well-deserved reputation for classic brake repair service. Greitens is proud to work with braking systems on all vehicle makes, foreign and domestic. Our ASE-Certified technicians utilize state-of-the-art equipment and practices in all brake repair jobs.

All of us at Greitens Auto Service are dedicated to your complete satisfaction, mindful of the fact that brake repair might not be a pleasant process for you. Considering our in-house and nationwide warranty protection, along with our reasonable rates, we hope you’ll find us to be your affordable alternative to any dealership.

Modern Repairs, Classic Service: Visit Greitens Auto Service in Milwaukee, WI for the best in brake repair.

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