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Honda boasts a variety of vehicles that range from the commuter car to the high performance sports car, so whether you have a Civic or a S2000 we’re here to keep it running smoothly for as long as you choose to own it.

The key to keeping your Honda in tip-top shape is regular maintenance. Making sure that your oil is changed at recommended times, your brake fluid is changed (Honda recommends replacing your brake fluid every three years), and making sure your Honda’s engine is breathing clean air keeping your engine air filters working properly.

Honda Factory Scheduled Maintenance Milwaukee, WI

Honda makes it simple to follow their maintenance plan and it is important as the owner to do so. Why? Because Honda is such a well made car if maintained it will last you years. So if you’re looking for Honda repair in Franklin TN you have come to the right place. Here at Greitens Auto Service we take great pride in servicing all your Honda’s needs. We keep it simple for staying on top of your Honda’s factory scheduled maintenance. Whether you need a 30,000 mile service or a 120,000 mile service, we can help.

Honda Oil Change Milwaukee, WI

What does the oil in my car do anyway? Basically it provides lubrication to all the engine components in your Honda. This prevents friction from all the moving parts in your engine such as the pistons for example. Friction generates heat and decreases the life of your engine thus causing your Honda to break down.

Oil additionally collects debris such as pollutants from the outside air and those Particles get filtered in your “oil filter”. So in closing, your oil protects the engine parts, and the oil filter collects all the soot, and dust particles. So if it’s been awhile since you’ve gotten your oil changed be sure to stop by Greitens Auto Service, your Honda specialists.