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brakesBoth brakes and suspension are vital to your safety and the performance of your vehicle. A worn suspension affects braking distance, higher speed handling, tire wear, and ride comfort. Items that can wear out are shock absorbers, struts, tie rods, wheel alignment, bushings and ball joints. Our technicians will inspect the complete suspension system and let you know if we think there are any safety concerns.

Worn brakes can endanger your family in a panic situation. Your stopping distance may increase and if your brakes start pulsating your rotors have warped and may need replacement. Over time your brakes wear down similar to chalk on a sidewalk so they need to be inspected on a regular basis.

When your brakes are serviced, we also recommend the brake fluid get flushed. Moisture that can collect in the lines damages the metal components of the system causing rust and decreased braking ability. Flushing the system with new fluid will increase the life of the system and ensure reliable braking.

Brake Pad & Shoe Replacement in Milwaukee, WI

Brake pad problems can usually be identified by squealing brakes. If your brake pads deteriorate completely, you’ll hear a grinding metal-on-metal sound when braking, meaning that it’s too late and you’re ruining your rotors or drums! Those with knowledge of auto repair may be able to fix this at home, but you should always see an auto repair professional immediately if you have brake problems.

Caliper Replacement in Milwaukee, WI

The brake caliper houses your brake pads and fits around the rotor like a clamp, pressing the pads against the rotor when you brake. A brake caliper problem could cause uneven braking, making your car slide forward when you brake. Uneven braking can also cause your vehicle to slide out of control in bad weather conditions, so contact Greitens Auto Service as soon as possible.